Medical Practice Management Software

Medical Practice Management Software

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Today's world is going toward computers and the Internet for fast and easy accessibility. The healthcare industry is still facing the disadvantage of having paper behind every step. Today's physician needs an inexpensive, reliable, and efficient system to complete the complex administrative, financial and clinical tasks involved in running a medical practice. They need a user-friendly tool, where they can look up any of the patients' history or medical records without having to worry about the security issues. WEBeDoctor® is the ultimate answer; it is the most easy to use, reliable product on the market, which provides the security demanded by both patients and HIPAA regulations. WEBeDoctor® is using the highest security possible at this time; currently this system is available on 128 bit secured socket layer in combination with a firewall at the physical location in Diamond Bar, CA.

WEBeDoctor's aim is to significantly reduce administrative cost of managing a practice, including streamlining patient registration, patient medical history, insurance verification, drug search, health plan formularies, prescription services, powerful physicians customization for diagnoses and procedure codes, and easy accessibility to a patients Electronic Medical Records. Other services provided by WEBeDoctor® are as follows:

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