Medical Practice Management Software

Medical Practice Management Software

Real-world Medical Billing Software Prices from BuyerZone Buyers

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Every medical practice or outpatient clinic have their own needs and desired features as far as software goes. A good start to finding out what you could end up paying is to see what others paid for similar systems. We've compiled prices that our users paid to help you understand the market for practice management software.

Two types of systems are common in MPM software: desktop software, which runs on the practice's computers, and ASP solutions, which are run by the software provider and accessed through the Internet.

As you can see in the pricing examples below, ASP solutions usually carry a monthly fee and setup charge, while desktop systems have a one-time charge. Most vary their pricing based on the number of providers the software needs to support and the number of users who will be accessing it.

Another factor that has a huge impact on pricing is whether or not the MPM system includes medical records functionality. Software that focuses on billing, claims management, and appointment scheduling is less expensive than systems that also include full support for managing patient charts electronically.

Desktop software prices

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ASP solutions prices

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Want more information on choosing medical billing software? Read our Medical Practice Management Software Buyer's Guide. To review in-depth medical software provider profiles, use our free supplier comparison tool.

Information was provided by users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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