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Paycom Review & Analysis

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Paycom was founded in 1998 in Oklahoma and was the first to offer mid-sized businesses an alternative to installed payroll software. They first started out as a single application but now they provide a suite of software over the Internet to provide employers real-time access to payroll information. Time & Attendance, HR, Benefits, COBRA and Background Checks are all provided. They service businesses all over the United States.


Paycom lists many awards on their website. In particular:

Customer opinions on Paycom services

Paycom has received an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau list of companies. There are no complaints against them registered on the site and their background checks out extensively.

Paycom is also on the Inland Revenue Service's list of approved companies that have passed the IRS Assurance Testing System (ATS) and Business Acceptance Testing (BATS) requirements for Software Developers, Reporting Agents, and Transmitters of electronic business returns.

There are not many reviews online apart from their BBB rating and the IRS recognition. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it's true that people only tend to complain about the services that they have had bad experiences with.

Paycom offers four testimonials/reviews on their website in video format from the CEOs of well known companies: Health Engineering Systems Legendcare Pharmacy, Central Glass and Mirror, Medley Turrentine and Associates and Albright Steel.

What sets them apart/makes them different?

Paycom Payroll has a large selection of features that you can integrate into standard payroll processing. Time & Attendance, HR Management, Background Checks, Benefit Administration, COBRA Compliance, Tax Credits, Applicant Tracking, Document Management, Expense Management and On-Boarding/Off-Boarding are all solutions they can provide.

What questions to ask when getting quotes?

The best questions to ask will be related to your business. You can look at the type of businesses that Paycom Payroll caters to on their website, and ask them about how they can streamline the process for your particular niche. You should find out what their basic rates are for your size of company and how much it would cost to add additional users to the system. Another important question to ask is how fast database importing/exporting takes. Many systems offer high speeds, but not all of them and in the busy tax period, you do not want to be caught not being able to upload all your government reporting on time. Also ask if Paycom accepts liabilities for errors and how secure their system is.

Larger or smaller companies?

Paycom works with a number of different types of small, medium and large businesses. Some of the types of businesses that they can service are churches, CPA Payroll Services, distribution, franchises, hospitality, medical, retail, dealerships, grocers, manufacturing, non profits, schools and restaurants.

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