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Options for Bill Payment Kiosks

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Bill payment kiosks provide a convenient option for paying utility bills. This quick, bill pay option allows users to make cash payments, complete with receipts, rather than wait in line at a crowded bill payment center. Bill payment kiosks are popping up everywhere, and have expanded to accept payments for everything from cell phone plans, to credit cards and home loans. They can be found in supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, and shopping malls.

Designed with a computer contained inside a durable enclosure, bill payment kiosks can be customized with your business' logo. These kiosks are fully equipped with credit card readers, bill and coin acceptors, security cameras, even telephones to contact a customer service center when there is a problem

Bill payment kiosks allow customers to pay bills quickly without ever interacting with an employee. These user-friendly machines contain easy-to-follow, detailed instructions available on-screen or printed underneath the panels.

Simple steps from The user follows the directions, fills in the bill information or scans the bar-coded portion of the bill, inserts the cash, and gets a receipt. You can even set up the kiosk to resolve service issues such as cut-offs and downgrades.

Bill payment kiosk for your business

There are a number of benefits for businesses who provide payment kiosks, including the following:

Bill payment kiosks offer the convenience of an ATM, while increasing the foot traffic in and out of your storefront. Customers who consistently use your convenient bill pay kiosk, are more likely to make a purchase with each visit. By joining forces with financial institutions or other businesses, via the bill payment kiosk, you are also able to raise your brand awareness.

Businesses featuring their own bill pay kiosk within their place of business can increase sales by offering a variety of payment methods and products within the kiosk. This additional purchasing option can also be programmed to serve a variety of languages and serve customers who seeking that added service. When you make payments and additional products available in your bill pay kiosk, you can decrease the amount of cash exchanged over the counter.

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