Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosks

Kiosks Dominate In-Store Printing Options

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A surge in in-store printing by digital camera owners, has seen an influx of in-store printing kiosks at many stores. From pharmacies to big box stores, printer kiosks are easier to find and easier to use than ever before.

The convenience factor

The stand-alone self-service print kiosk with a touch-screen panel, instructions in multiple languages, built-in speakers and video clip-driven guides, are user-friendly. These convenient kiosks accept all the major memory card formats, allowing consumers to add pre-formatted borders, special effects, perform photo editing or create photo calendars on screen.

With the dawn of digital pictures, the cost and convenience of the in-store printing kiosk, far outweighs printing pictures at home. Pictures, uploaded from smart phones and home computers, are easily retrieved at convenient store locations, with professional quality.

The cost

Printing kiosks come in many sizes, forms, and price points. This software loaded printing machines can cost in the $5,000 range and up from there. The printer quality and software distinguish each from one another.

Self-service photo printing is a convenient for on-the-go consumers who wish to access their photos via the cloud or a USB flash drive. With an in-store printing kiosk at your business location, you will be providing a much-needed service to your customers.

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