Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosks

Pricing for Multiple Kiosk Types

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Kiosks for business have become increasingly more affordable in recent years, with their costs varying depending on additional features. From instant cash retrieval, to lottery tickets, kiosks are useful in just about every industry. Adding a kiosk to your storefront can be beneficial, and maximize your return on your investment.


An automated teller machine brings the convenience of banking to your customers. Adding an interactive kiosk with banking capabilities can give your business the edge it may need to improve customer satisfaction. When you partner with a bank, providing their kiosks at your location, you will enjoy the added benefit of accrued fees from each transaction.

Cost: $2,000.00 and up.

Photo printing

This user-friendly kiosk allows customers to access their digital photos. With a variety of editing options and printing capabilities, the photo printing kiosk is fast replacing the home printer. With many of these kiosks offering printable scrapbooks and collages, location options are likely to include craft stores.

Cost: Prices starting at $895, will vary depending on printer and features.

Bill pay

A self-service bill pay kiosk caters to a variety of customers, from those who don't have a checking account, to the last minute bill payer. Customers can make convenient payments for everything from utilities to credit card bills, by simply inserting cash. Customers who have options on when and where to pay their bills, tend to do so more frequently and on time.

Cost: $600 and up.

Interactive kiosks

Interactive kiosks are a popular information station in places like airports and libraries. Equipped with a PC, resistive touch screen technology, LCD monitor, printer, and a standard enclosure, these self-service kiosks can dispense any information you wish to convey. With customized programming, these kiosks can replace the need for an employee and serve a number of customers during peak and off-hours.

Cost: $7,000 and up.

Additional Features like customized software for specific kiosk applications require a development fee of $5,000 to $20,000 as well as a licensing fee up to $500. Fees for a professional on-site installation and shipping will vary depending on location.

When you're ready to offer interactive kiosk customer service to your customers, be sure you fully understand remote management. With this added support, the need for a field service technician is eliminated, ensuring your kiosk, and its data, is being monitored and maintained as needed. This streamlined, quick and convenient mode of service will keep you and your customers satisfied.

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