Why Choosing the Best Projector Company Matters

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lcd projector

It can be tempting to buy an LCD projector from the cheapest source you can find online. If you're simply after the cheapest way to put up an image on the conference room wall, you can get the job done that way.

But if you're looking to buy a projector that will play an important role in your business for years to come, it's worth comparing top brands to make sure you get the right projector - not to mention a company that stands behind it.

Here's why:

Help selecting the best projector

Bargain hunting online is more effective if you know the exact model of LCD projector you want - but unless you're a tech expert, chances are you're starting out armed with only a general idea of your needs. The best projector companies will walk you through the entire process, asking detailed questions about where the projector will be used, how dark the room or rooms are, how far the machine will need to project, and what surface it will be displayed on.

They'll also want to know what type of information you'll be displaying: simple PowerPoint presentations, detailed charts, or video. Most digital projectors can handle all of these types of information, but different technologies have different strengths. The answers to those questions will determine important specs like lumens, contrast ratios, and resolutions.

Among leading manufacturers like Epson, Hitachi, Sony, Ricoh, Canon, and 3M, you'll find a range of top projectors that offer a native resolution anywhere from 1200 x 800 to 1920 x 1080, ranging in price from $290 to $10,000 (and up).

Ongoing support and service

Another key advantage you'll get by working with a good projector company is that they'll provide ongoing support and service that you won't find from anonymous online stores. Ask the dealers you talk with what their support policies are - will they come to your location to do any needed repairs? Or will they provide a loaner projector in an emergency?

Find out what hours their customer support is available and how you can get in touch with them: phone, email, online chat? It's also worth asking how much you'll have to pay for replacement bulbs when you need them: they can cost hundreds of dollars.

Be a savvy shopper

Buying on price alone is rarely the best idea for an important business purchase. Saving a couple hundred dollars is insignificant if you're buying equipment like a projector that you'll use for many years. To find the best projector for your unique purpose, one method is to investigate the specific model you're interested by reading actual user reviews. They often provide insight like:

The best approach is to meet with several qualified dealers so you can evaluate their offerings. Meeting with the dealers in person gives you the chance to evaluate their professionalism, demeanor, and approach to the sales process. Buying from a dealer you're comfortable with increases the chances that you'll wind up with the best projector for your needs.

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