Database Design

Database Design

Real-world Database Design Pricing From BuyerZone Buyers

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We regularly survey BuyerZone users to ask how their purchases went. We've used their responses to provide a sampling of actual prices paid for database design.

The cost of database design work depends on how much information you need to store, how many users will access the information, and the type of customization and functionality you need. Depending on your needs, a designer can either develop a new database from scratch, or make upgrades and enhancements to your current database.

Database design projects are typically priced by the hour, but some companies may charge on a per project basis. You may also be responsible for a design schematic fee unless the vendor builds it into your overall price. Other costs may include: analysis of an existing database, hardware upgrades, software licenses, customer support, and training.

New database design prices

"$3,100 included building of the database and integrating the database into my web site for complete functionality. I will receive all logs, manuals, and other programming material associated to the building of the database."

-- Advertising Executive, El Cajon, California

"$2,000 flat project fee."

-- IT Manager, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

"Approximately $70,000 to date. Includes database design and analysis, and hardware."

-- Telecom Engineer, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

"$5,000, flash scripting, and database design along with e-commerce and flash development."

-- Educator, St. Louis, Missouri

"$10,000 - database-driven real estate web site."

-- Real Estate Webmaster, Washington, Utah

"$600 MS Access database which was converted from our own MS Excel spreadsheet."

-- Business Service Provider, Bay Shore, New York

"$3,000 for the specialized software."

-- Construction Office Manager, Pearland, Texas

"Contracted for approx $13,000 in service. This included creation of the database, brand development and marketing."

-- Consultant, Chicago, Illinois

"$3,900 for the creation of our Access Database."

-- Non-Profit Facility, Washington, DC

Upgraded database design prices

"$50/hour. Project took almost 50 hours. Total $2,500. This was a creation of a Microsoft Access Database that can collect several hundred pieces of data. Nice forms for users to do data entry with tabs and pull down menus. End with a data collection tool to place all data into one comma delimited text file and FTP it to an off-site mainframe."

-- Computer Consultant, Springfield, Illinois

"$4,600 - streamline Access database currently in existence."

-- Government Administrator, Palmer, Arkansas


-- Design Company Owner, Jackson, New Jersey

"$1,750 so far. Debugging a database."

-- Military personnel, San Diego, California

"$20,000, included maintenance of database."

-- Software CEO, Lithonia, Georgia

"$8K down and $4K per phase. $20K complete."

-- Construction CFO, Angola, Indiana

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Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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