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Saving Energy and Money: How Your Home Generator Can Run More Efficiently

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Home generators might not be the first product that comes to mind when thinking of how to use energy efficiently, but they can actually be quite effective when it comes to home energy conservation. Here are some tips related to:

Energy Saving Bulbs

Prioritize your energy needs to determine how big your generator should be

Many people make the mistake of buying a generator based on the square footage of their house, when it has more to do with how much power your home uses. Buying a generator that's suited to your needs will keep you from wasting energy and using power you don't need.

First, evaluate your home's central air conditioning unit, which is usually the appliance with the greatest need for power. Then determine what else you'll need during a power outage. High-wattage appliances that require a lot of fuel include hot water heaters, stoves, and dryers. All of these factors can help you determine what size of generator you need.

If you'd like help finding the proper model for the size of your home and specific power requirements, use this Generator Sizing Calculator.

Consider purchasing an electric standby generator

Automated electric standby generators connect with your home's electrical panel and help control the excess power demand that comes from high-wattage appliances. In other words, they help you manage your power priorities based on your appliances' surge requirements.

This type of generator also helps you save money on gas and propane, and is much more energy-efficient than a typical generator. It can be installed to your home's electrical panel easily, automatically switches on when the power goes out, and is generally smaller and quieter than a gas-powered generator.

Get the most out of your gas-powered generator

Since many generators run on gas and oil, knowing how to use energy efficiently can help you avoid wasting fuel and spending money on extra gas. To get the most out of your portable generator, shut it off if no appliances are running and use your appliances only as needed.

Remember to turn your generator off at night or when you're away from home. Regular maintenance and upkeep, such as routine oil and filter changes, will extend the life of your generator and keep you from making costly repairs.

Knowing how to use energy efficiently includes prioritizing your energy needs, making smart purchases, and performing routine maintenance. Be conscious of your home's power needs and usage both when shopping for and using your generator. Conserving energy will save you money in the long run.

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