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Automatic Standby Generators Will Protect Your Home From Electricity Outages

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Installing an automatic standby generator in your home is an excellent idea. It brings with it peace of mind in case of a power disruption. This type of system switches on when there is a break in the circuit, thereby keeping the disruption to a minimum.

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Depending on the level of protection you choose, a home generator will kick in automatically to provide electricity, heat, or cooling to your entire home, as well as any of the appliances or equipment in it, for the duration of the power interruption.

How an automatic generator works

The computer-operated system is connected to the home's wiring setup. It operates as a backup system that connects the generator to the house. When a disruption in the regular power supply is detected, the system starts the generator and switches the home power supply to the alternate power source. The whole process happens within 2 or 3 seconds in most cases. When regular power supply is restored, the standby generator reroutes the power to the utility provider and shuts down.

The type and size you select will be determined by your total power requirements. This level of power also affects the cost of the unit itself. Common sizes and their associated costs include:

Kilowatts Cost
14 - 20 $2,900 - $5,800
20 - 30 $4,000 - $12,000
30 - 50 $9,300 - $22,000
50+ $14,000 - $29,000+

Benefits of an automatic standby generator

There are a number of benefits to choosing this type of generator for your home:

Your home is important. Protect it and everything in it by investing in an automatic standby generator.

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