Residential Steel Buildings

Residential Steel Buildings

Steel Siding for Homes: The New Era

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Steel siding, once relegated to warehouses and farm projects, has started to merge with the residential market - and not just for shed projects. More and more, homeowners are looking into steel when considering siding for their homes.

Why steel?

The latest metal siding products offer seamless panel construction that hides rivets and manufacturing designs. The siding pieces can mimic log siding or more traditional planks, right down to texture. Coatings over the steel offer different colors and protective qualities, too. For green homeowners who want to re-side or construction companies that want to work with sustainable materials, steel panels and siding can be recycled or made from recycled material. Other benefits include

Steel Siding

Final considerations

Steel siding is a significant investment for homeowners. While maintenance costs are low and replacement expenses rare, metal siding is one of the most expensive siding options on the market. A basic installation for a smaller house can cost an average of $5,000 on average, which may require budgeting and savings when you are planning your renovation.

Steel may also suffer in seaside areas where corrosion and rust occur more readily. Areas with frequent storms may require that it be grounded to reduce the chance of lightning damage. However, in many locations - especially in harsh climates - steel provides long-term savings along with excellent resistances. Look into your local metal siding resources for your next building project.

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