Residential Steel Buildings

Residential Steel Buildings

30x40 Metal Buildings and Popular Uses

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30x40 metal buildings are considered cost-effective and durable solutions for different home storage and business needs. Home owners and businesses often request this size of building for use as a 2 car garage, 2 car carport, and pole barn. If you already know the type of 30x40 metal building you're looking for, you can compare 30x40 metal building prices from multiple steel building companies.

The 30x40 garage, a cost-efficient home addition

30x40 garages are a popular function of this frequently requested metal building size. A metal garage can be a cost-effective option for storing vehicles, boats, and lawn equipment that can't otherwise fit in a home garage. Gone are the days when metal buildings looked like an eyesore in the backyard - the steel garages of today are designed to blend in with your home. A 30x40 garage is large enough to store two cars and have plenty of room leftover for lawn equipment, a tool workshop, and storage items. A 2 car carport is usually equipped with two sliding garage doors, an entry door, and windows. 30x40 metal building suppliers can add colored vinyl siding, window shutters, and a sloping roof to your 30x40 garage if you desire it to blend in with your home. Other additions to this size of building include canopies, overhangs, and lean-tos, which can be helpful if you plan to use your metal building as a workshop.

The 2 car carport, a less enclosed car storage option

A carport is simply a roof that is held up by steel supports for the purpose of shielding a car or boat from the elements. 30x40 is a standard size for people looking for a 2 car carport. This type of 30x40 metal building can be a lifesaver for regions that experience snowfall and harsh weather, but keep in mind that a carport doesn't provide as much protection or security as a 30x40 garage. For expensive vehicles and recreational equipment, a metal 2 car carport is a must-have. A benefit to the 2 car carport is that it can be installed in only a few hours, and is a simple project for a metal building supplier to coordinate and schedule for their customers.

The 30x40 pole barn

A pole barn lacks a foundation, and is instead built with pre-engineered wood trusses that support the structure and roof. The structure is sometimes covered with steel sheeting or another durable metal. Car garages and commercial storage buildings are two common functions for steel 30x40 pole barns, though they were traditionally used as barns. The siding on a metal 30x40 pole barn is usually steel or corrugated metal, though it can also be vinyl.

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