Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Real-world Credit Card Processing Rates From Buyers

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We regularly survey BuyerZone users to ask how their purchases went. The responses show two types of expenses businesses need to consider: up-front costs and month-to-month payment processing fees.

Up-front costs include things like a credit card terminal, special software, application fees, and account set up. Month-to-month expenses include the discount rate (a percentage of total sales deducted from your transactions), account maintenance, and per transaction payment processing fees.

Depending on the merchant account provider, you may get a break on the up-front costs. For example, if you have enough monthly volume, a vendor may provide a credit card terminal and complete account setup for free.

If you conduct business by phone, through mail order, or over the Internet, you may not even need a credit card terminal. Vendors often bundle Internet payment gateways (or "virtual terminals") into your monthly pricing, allowing customers to securely transmit their credit card information.

Before you agree to work with any vendor, make sure all of these charges (as well as any others) are clearly outlined in your contract.

Credit card processing fees with terminal prices

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Credit card transaction fees with no equipment

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Payment processing rates for Internet payment gateways

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Want more information on choosing a merchant account provider? Read our Credit Card Processing Buyer's Guide.

If you already have a merchant account and you're interested in purchasing a credit card terminal, request a free credit card terminal quote today or instantly compare merchant account providers today.

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