Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Real-world Credit Card Processing Prices from BuyerZone Buyers

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A sampling of actual prices paid by credit card processing customers who used BuyerZone's service can be found below, complete with purchasing details.

Credit card processing is broken up into two main categories: card present transactions and card not present transactions. Card present transactions mean exactly that - the customer presents the credit card to the retailer at the time of sale. For card not present transactions, the merchant enters credit card information provided through a mail order or telephone order (MOTO), or over the Internet.

The big difference between the two is need for a credit card terminal. Retailers typically need a physical terminal while Internet and mail order businesses can either use terminals or a secure web site (known as a "virtual terminal" or "Internet Gateway") to accept credit cards.

With either type of merchant account, your greatest expense will be the discount rate - a percentage of the total sale that's deducted from each transaction. Card not present transactions often carry a higher discount rate because there is more risk involved. Sales conducted through the mail, phone, or Internet are more susceptible to fraud since there's no signature required and no identification to check.

Other fees to keep in mind include a nominal fee for each transaction processed, equipment costs, application and setup fees, and monthly reports.

Card-present credit card processing rates

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MOTO credit card processing rates

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Internet credit cards processing rates

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If you already have a merchant account and you're interested in purchasing a credit card terminal, request a free credit card terminal quote today or instantly compare merchant account providers today.

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