Training for Today's Business Security Standards

Companies continue to rely more and more on technology as a means of securing their data, facilities and informing their employees and clients. However, relying solely on this medium can present some significant pitfalls for your enterprise.

I believe that you need to find the balance of informing and truly training your employees, starting with entry-level professionals and ending with your management team.

Business security training

Training is an often forgotten tool in the business world that is typically the first to get cut from the budget. Unfortunately, we see all too often employees at all levels making critical mistakes at key times, which can significantly damage a company’s reputation.

Higher level technology is crucial for enterprises, government agencies and law enforcement; it’s also a training challenge. Using technology in conjunction with in-person training provides a balanced and informed approach. It is extremely difficult to ask questions or gain conversation from web-based training programs.

As the old saying goes, “Security is everyone’s responsibility.”

"Social" Security

One new age threat that deserves more security staff and across-the-board employee attention is social networking sites training programs. Technologies are often much farther ahead than the people and sometimes training is neglected.

But it can’t be.

Our employees have access to systems and websites that can significantly harm the enterprise or provide for negative press. Setting up firewalls and tools that prevent employees from accessing these sites during working hours is only one step in the process; actual training and explanation is necessary to the overall program’s success.

A few examples include the following:

  1. How to use social media safely while at work.
  2. Are employees allowed to use a company Facebook page? If so, who controls access and content?
  3. Do employees have access to websites via Smartphones or PDA's supplied by the company?
  4. Does a company policy exist on the use of sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? If so, how often are employees reminded of it and sign off on it?

Remember, training is key to any company’s success. While expensive and tedious, a preventative program can certainly save a lot of money in the long run by keeping employees up to date and informed.

Don't allow training to be used as a reactionary tool, but instead, something that is embraced all year long.

David M. Cullen is the President of Intelligence Security International (ISI). He’s a Senior Security Professional with 25+ years of experience in all facets of security and management.