Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

How to Pick the Best Video Surveillance System

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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is definitely one of the ideal security components. While they can capture video of what is happening in your facility and store the footage for future reference, CCTV systems also act as a deterrent for those who would wish to engage in undesirable activities.

CCTV systems can be limited to one camera and monitor without any sort of recording device or multiple cameras with a recorder (typically a digital video recorder, commonly called a DVR). The "closed circuit" in CCTV means the video from the cameras will only be available on a closed system with limited access instead of being broadcasted over an open air frequency.

Making the choice

Choosing your CCTV set-up can be a daunting task. One must weigh multiple considerations in order to come up with the custom system that suits their needs. Here are a few pointers, hints and tips to help you decide what options work best for you.

Digital or analogue is often the biggest question purchasers have. For storage of footage and clarity of picture, digital is the obvious choice. Though a bit pricier than analogue, digital offers a wider selection of options such as remote viewing and cloud storage. There are some digital conversion kits that will make the bridge between digital recording and analogue cameras, for the cost, the purchaser could simply buy new digital cameras.

Once you have decided on a digital or analogue system, here are some other considerations to take into account:

Getting your system installed

In some cases installing your own system is not a bad idea. Installing more than two cameras, particularly digital cameras, could require an installer. Installers have experience in different camera and network types, thus qualifying them more so than the average person. Additionally, most will offer a warranty which might save you time and money.

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When choosing an installer, look for the following:

All of these are factors in deciding what type of CCTV equipment you will need. Remember to comparative shop when taking bids for an installer and that package deals are always less expensive than buying your system a piece at a time. High caliber deals exist that will save the purchaser more than a couple of dollars on cameras, DVRs, software, and monitors.

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