Business Phone Service

Business Phone Service

Tips to Finding the Best Business Phone Service Rates

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Business Phone Service Rate

Reliable, affordable business phone service is essential to many companies - even in this age of email. The right provider will offer local, long distance, and toll-free business phone service options at rates that are appropriate for many types of businesses.

Many calling plans offer bundled services. These packages include voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, call blocking and other features. Business phone service rates for bundled business phone service start at about $60 per month per phone line.

If you're operating a business that needs 1 to 5 lines then consider the following options, rates, and features from popular providers

Popular Provider Rates
Provider Plan Details Monthly Rate
  • Unlimited international calls to over 60 countries
  • Small business hosted PBX
  • Vonage Visual Voicemail
Ring Central
  • Cloud-based PBX business solutions
  • Mobile app across multiple OS platforms
  • 30 days free
  • Online meetings for mobile and desktop options
  • Unlimited auto attendants and extensions
  • Voicemail to email capabilities
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
  • Three free months promotion
  • Unlimited US and Canada calling
  • Easy connection for audio conferencing
  • Easy access to admin portal
  • Unlimited access to setting up auto attendants
  • Online call management
  • Voicemail to email
8x8 Inc.
  • Call recording and internet fax
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Web conferencing
Alliance Phones
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Unlimited calls
  • Access to daily call logs
VoIP Studio
  • Calling Unlimited
  • Free internet calls
  • Virtual numbers

Long distance packages include a set number of minutes, then charge around 6 to 10 cents for every minute over the allowed amount. There may be volume discounts available depending on the number of lines you need. Some companies may require an activation fee of $30-$40, but they may be willing to waive it.

Rates for toll-free numbers vary. You may pay a monthly rate of $20 - $80 plus per call charges. Setting up a toll-free number may also require a setup fee of $50 or more. Remember you'll be paying network access surcharges, carrier-access charges, and state & local taxes, which will vary. Federal taxes on business phone service run about 3% and you'll pay 6% to 12% of the costs of your calls for Universal Service Fund fees. You may also be responsible for a PICC (presubscribed interexchange carrier charge) of $3 to $5 per phone line.


There are literally hundreds of service providers available for nearly every type of telephone solution. Picking just one can be a daunting task. While you might find yourself taking call after call and filling out a lot of request for pricing forms online, there is most definitely a service available that fits your unique needs. Due diligence, a bit of grit and a clear understanding of your needs will net the perfect service for your business.

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