Teleconferencing Services

Teleconferencing Services

How Much Do Teleconferencing Services really Cost?

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Read conference call price estimates and learn what you can expect to pay

Looking for some ideas on how much you can expect to pay when hiring a teleconferencing services? Look no further! We've surveyed thousands of BuyerZone users to find out what their teleconferencing services cost. Here's a look at how much you can really expect to pay based on what they reported:

BuyerZone users average cost:

Teleconferencing prices are almost always set on a per-caller, per-minute basis, although there are some other options. Many providers like to provide a block of minutes for a set monthly fee, then charge the per-minute rate when those minutes run out. If you expect to make a ton of conference calls, you can also get unlimited plans.

As you might expect, buyers who planned to hold more conference calls or have more simultaneous users seemed to get slightly better pricing. Buyers who needed only 1 to 4 teleconferences per month pay an average of 4.9 cents per minute, while those holding 5 or more calls per month averaged 4 cents per minute. A penny per minute may not seem like much of a difference, but that is a savings of almost 20%.

The difference is smaller when looking at the number of callers: buyers with fewer than 10 simultaneous callers paid 4.6 cents per minute, and those with 10 or more callers paid 4.1 cents per minute - still an 11% savings.

Here are some examples of the calling rates reported by BuyerZone users.

$0.039 per minute, no contract, no fees, no minimum, can record and download at no charge. Super nice agent."

- Non-profit, Clarksville, Tennessee

The final rate charged was $0.049 per toll free minute. This was discounted from the $0.12 per toll free minute initially quoted. When I mentioned BuyerZone, they provided me with the discounted rate."

- Business services, Farmington, New Mexico

We purchased month to month non operator, toll free conference services with $.039/minute."

- Construction contractor, Lithia, Florida

$0.039 per minute. The ability to record the call with only the cost of an additional attendee played high into my selecting them."

- Wholesaler, Dublin, Ohio

Flat fee of $350 for 2,500 minutes [$0.14 per minute] with the ability to hold Web meetings also..."

- Advertising/marketing agency, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

$.04/minute per caller for reservation-less calls. no set up fees, no minimum call times, no services fees, no contracts."

- Publishing company, Austin, Texas

5 cents per minute per caller; no minimum, no monthly costs, free recording and tracking."

- Travel agency, Naples, Florida

$19.99/mth with 500 minutes/mth included. $.039 per minute afterwards."

- PR firm, Marietta, Georgia

No contract, multiple accounts, all 4 cents per caller per minute. Access to web content and interactivity such as online schedulers and web conferencing. Also offers a Blackberry app for download."

- Non-profit, Albany, New York

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Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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