How Medical Factoring Works

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When insurance companies and customers don't pay their bills within a timely manner, it's easy for health care businesses to get stuck in a short-term cash crunch. This shortfall can have a huge impact on payroll and other big expenses. With too many accounts tied up in receivables, a business is at a major disadvantage. But obtaining a loan isn't the only option to improve cash flow.

Medical factoring allows health care companies to quickly receive money based on the total value of outstanding receivables. Receivables factoring may be the best solution for medical offices, medical supply companies, and health care practitioners that need funds for business operations and don't want to or can't obtain additional financing from a bank.

Who benefits from medical factoring?

Often forced to wait up to 90 days to get paid by insurance companies, HMOs, or Medicare/Medicaid, healthcare professionals and medical equipment providers routinely confront a number of financial challenges when attempting to grow their practice or business. But with medical factoring, you can get your insurance claims paid in as little as two days, producing the financing required for payroll, supplies, and rent.

medical factoring

This practice makes medical receivables adjustments ideal for:

Advantages of medical factoring

Unlike typical factoring for businesses, medical factoring for the health care market offers more options for receivables that pass their 30-day and 60-day terms. In doing so, medical factoring allows health care companies and businesses to accelerate outstanding payments, improving short-term cash flow.

Similar to any financial service, there is a fee involved. These fees are based on the volume of claims that you decide to finance and how efficiently your business is run. In general, if you're able to finance a high medical claim volume, you'll qualify for lower rates. Based on this criteria, medical factoring rates currently range from 2% to 3.5% per month.

That said, there are several advantages to using this type of service when funds are low, including:

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