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Tell Me More: Ergonomic Desk Chair

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An ergonomic desk chair is designed to help increase back and neck support, while improving posture and preventing slouching. Employees frequently experience lower back pain as a result of sitting and slouching in uncomfortable office chairs, for extended periods of time. This increased stress in the spine can affect the neck, arms, shoulders, legs, and other muscles. Your employees deserve a chair that is ergonomically friendly, to avoid these uncomfortable conditions.

When choosing an ergonomic desk chair, be sure that it's at least one inch wider than your employees' hips or thighs on each side. Allowing enough room between the back of your employees' calf and the front of the chair, will provide maximum comfort. A good ergonomic desk chair has a seat pan that is contoured for equal weight distribution and maximum comfort. When your employees sit in an ergonomic desk chair, their back should arch against the chair. This is essential in avoiding slumping and discomfort.

Positioning Your Employees for the Right Fit

Employees can improve their posture with an ergonomic desk chair, by sitting in a position that allows their arms to rest parallel to their spine, and their hands resting comfortably on their desk. An ergonomic desk chair with the right fit, allows your employees' knees to sit at a comfortable distance apart with feet planted firmly on the floor. A chair quipped with upholstered armrests, only helps to improve comfort and reduce straining.

An ergonomic desk chair is an adjustable height mechanism, is essential. When chairs are available, in a conference room or reception area, the ability to adjust seating to individual body types is necessary. Finding a chair with adjustable height capabilities, will allow its user to custom-fit the backrest in all directions for just the right fit. Desk chairs without an adjustable backrest, can be enhanced through the use of an added pillow or cushion, to support the lower back.

A perfect fit ergonomic desk chair, allows your employees to rest comfortably while facing forward. A convenient, comfortable chair that enable you to focus your eyes on the middle of your computer screen without straining your neck, is important. This simple computer screen test will help you to adjust the height of the monitor or the chair.

Features That Matter

The right ergonomic desk chair can solve a world of problems for your employees. One of the most important features is comfort. Finding the right features can also make employee workstations a healthier, safer place to work.

In this computer-focused world, where employees spend more time than ever in front of a computer screen, comfort is important. Though sitting has the appearance of being less stressful than standing, the lower lumbar can be a stressor.

Finding key features to fit each employee, including the height and weight of each person, will ensure comfort and satisfaction with your purchase. For additional features and information, visit ergonomic computer chairs.

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