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Office Chairs

Comparing Office Chair Manufacturers

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Your employees spend a lot of time in their office desk chairs. It's the one item used more often than their telephones, or fax machines. When looking to buy or replace this essential piece of equipment, you want to find the best office chair manufacturer.

A Seat for Everyone

With so many office chair choices available, it's important to be familiar with the functions and features that are available. Office desk chairs come in a variety of styles, makes, and models. Depending on the needs of your employees, and the time they will spend in their office chair, you can choose the features that apply. We have listed the following for you:

Feeling Good with Ergonomics

Out of necessity, office chair manufacturers have recently, started producing products that can reduce the effects of stress on workers. Ergonomic chairs and office equipment help reduce disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. There are a variety of chair brands available, designed to reduce ergonomic strain. Here are a few:

  1. Neutral Posture: Featuring 16 active adjustments and pressure reducing seats, all chairs feature high performance seating. Prices start at $708.
  2. Soma Ergonomics: Designed to promote stress-relieving dynamic natural posture. These chairs are designed to with a two-part seat to promote better posture. Desk chair prices start at $459.
  3. Aeron Chair-Herman Miller: Redefining the office chair with a combination of design and ergonomics. Pricing for the Aeron chair starts at $689.
  4. Humanscale: Office equipment designed to reduce stress and increase efficiency in the workplace. Featuring form-sensing mesh and self- adjusting recline, priced from $924.
  5. Steelcase Leap: A flexible backrest and separate upper and lower back controls provide full support with optional headrests. Priced from $889.

With so many more manufacturers from which to choose, you'll want to talk to several dealers and compare multiple brands. Submit a free price quote request and let us connect you to the dealers in your area. This streamlined process will allow you to choose the manufacturer that best fits your needs and get your employees feeling comfortable.

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