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Office Chairs

Real-world Office Chairs Prices from BuyerZone Buyers

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We regularly survey BuyerZone users to ask how their purchases went. We've used their responses to provide a sampling of actual prices businesses paid for their office chairs.

The biggest pitfall to avoid when shopping for office chairs is the lure of the superstore. Businesses may be tempted by the low prices, but those chairs aren't durable enough for regular use and may not feature all of the ergonomic benefits of high-quality chairs.

If you want to customize the look and feel of your chairs, you may have to pay extra to select colors, fabrics, and upholstery or added features like adjustable armrests and specialized controls. Of course, you'll get the better prices if you purchase chairs already in stock. You may also be eligible for a volume discount based on the number of chairs you buy.

Remember that not all office chairs are equal. Chairs purchased in bulk, such as metal folding chairs or plastic stack chairs are considerably less expensive than standard task chairs. Likewise, a high-grade executive chair can cost two to three times as much as task chair. Budget accordingly depending on how you want to furnish your offices.

Task chair prices

"$119 each for 400 chairs."
- Financial Services Provider, Irvine, California

"$3,447.12 for 6 task chairs and 9 drafting chairs." [$229 each]
- Banking Receptionist, Lampasas, Texas

"Almost $2,000 - 12 desk chairs with tablet arm." [$167 each]
- Purchasing Manager, Brookhaven, New York

"$355 per chair - price includes delivery and set-up."
- Media Human Resources, New York, New York

"$150, adjustable arms, mesh back, 3 seat position adjustments, 2 yr warranty, free delivery next business day."
- Telecom Provider, Roseburg, Oregon

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Conference and reception chair prices

"$59/each. Purchased 10 chairs."
- Purchasing Manager, Winston Salem, North Carolina

"$85 per chair includes shipping (14 chairs total.)"
- Marketing President, Toledo, Ohio

"Conference Room Chairs: soft saddle leather and pewter base, $240/chair delivered. Reception Chairs: soft burgundy leather with black arms and legs, $94/chair delivered."
- Wholesaler, Hildale, Utah

"Fulmarque Berkshire reception chair - $290.99/free shipping."
- Health Care President, Mobile, Alabama

"$163.95 each including shipping."
- Government Accountant, Baltimore, Maryland

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Folding chair prices

"80 folding chairs with padded seat and back, $16.23 each."
- Church, Prosper, Texas

"$14.95 per chair. They were already assembled - metal chairs with padding on back and seat."
- Business Service Provider, El Paso, Texas

"$1,538 for 80 chairs plus shipping." [$19.25 each]
- Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"$18.96 plastic folding chairs, fabric padded."
- Interior decorator, Indian Trail, North Carolina

"$21.43/chair - black folding chairs with microsuede on bottom and back."
- Chiropractor, Harleysville, Pennsylvania

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Executive chair prices

"Executive mesh back chair - $179."
- Educator, Oakland, California

"$180 - leather highback office chair."
- Information Services Principal, Perkasie, Pennsylvania

"Executive office chair - $149.88; chair mat - $70."
- Business Service Provider, Lamesa, Texas

"$450 per chair."
- Manufacturing Partner, Millerton, New York

"I ordered a chair from SeatingZone for about $240. My criteria was a very heavy-duty chair."
- Educator, Portales, New Mexico

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Want more information on office chair prices and how to choose a dealer? Read our Office Chairs Buyer's Guide.

Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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