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Our Goal

CheckPoint HR offers a comprehensive set of solutions to help you manage your human capital. Our programs are designed to enhance, not replace, an existing HR department. Or, if your CheckPoint isn't large enough to afford an HR department, our program can help you with the basics.

More CheckPoint HR Outsourcing Information

Employee Handbooks: A properly executed and updated handbook is an essential tool of any HR department. CheckPoint HR allows you to build a custom handbook with a powerful online wizard that takes into account both federal and state requirements.

Performance Reviews: Another essential tool provided by CheckPoint HR is a performance review wizard. This can help determine pay raises and improve the communication process between managers and employees.

Job Descriptions: Drafting a proper job description can avoid needless exposure to litigation. CheckPoint HR's online tool walks you or your managers through the process. As with every service described in this proposal, the cost is included in our service fee.

Basic HR Library: While a much more sophisticated HR library is included with our HR Plus service, all levels of CheckPoint HR's service include a basic online HR library. This allows you and your managers access to important HR information online. This will help you stay abreast of changes in state and federal laws.

Compensation Analysis: Another service available through our HR Plus service is a compensation analysis. This helps managers set the proper pay level for a job - which avoids overpaying for a position or, worse, underpaying which can mean the best qualified candidates end up going elsewhere.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): CheckPoint HR is pleased to make available an excellent Employee Assistance Program. This combines an online resource with direct phone access to trained counselors. Whether the issue is big or small, your employees will benefit from this service. For example, they can go online to research finding a baby-sitter or a new restaurant. If they have serious personal or family issues, they can talk to trained counselors - in confidence. An effective EAP program can result in increased productivity and morale in your workforce.

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