HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing

Real-world HRO prices and monthly rates from BuyerZone buyers

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We regularly survey BuyerZone users to ask about their purchasing experience and find out how much they paid for their purchase. Here's a collection of quotes from HRO buyers that can give you an idea of how much you'd pay to outsource some human resources functions.

The ongoing monthly cost per employee is the usually the most significant cost to be aware of as you're shopping for an HRO. Each function you outsource will add a little bit more to your total costs.

We've listed out the specific functions each buyer was interested in to help you put these quotes in context. A company that wants to outsource basic payroll and benefits administration will pay much less per employee than one that wants a total outsourcing package.

HRO pricing for companies with fewer than 20 employees

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HRO pricing for companies with more than 20 employees

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Want more information on choosing an HRO? Read our Human Resources Outsourcing Buyer's Guide.

Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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