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Business Services

PrimePay is certainly not your average payroll company. PrimePay offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you run your business more smoothly…and it’s all done with a smile.

  • Time & Labor Management:
  • PrimePay understands how to manage your employees at all levels, helping you easily schedule, track and pay your employees—all while maintaining compliance.

    One of the features of PrimePay’s Time & Labor Management solution is ReadySetWork, an on-the-go employee scheduling option. Through text, email and mobile app notifications, this employee scheduling software helps your business coordinate scheduling, shift replacements and so much more.

  • HR & Compliance:
  • Businesses of all shapes and sizes require different tools to help them run efficiently. PrimePay offers the HR solutions, references and consulting resources you need to increase revenue, reduce cost and mitigate risk throughout every stage of business development.

  • ERISA & NDT compliance:
  • Offering retirement and benefit plan options is one of the best things you can do for your employees. However, compliance concerns can cause headaches for any business owner.

    It’s important to examine requirements put into place regarding your retirement and benefit plans such as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and Nondiscrimination Testing (NDT). You will face penalties if not in compliance.

    PrimePay is able to help you avoid those penalties and stay compliant by providing a PrimePay ERISA Wrap Document.

    As for NDT, PrimePay’s simple three step process can ensure plan compliance and formally document annual testing results.

  • Insurance & Benefits Admin:
  • PrimePay ensure that you are staying compliant with state and federal regulations in the areas of COBRA administration, pre-tax health accounts, retirement plans and workers’ compensation.

    With PrimePay’s unique pay-as-you go workers’ compensation solution, you’ll never underpay or overpay on your insurance premium. You only pay what you actually owe.

  • Credit Card Processing:
  • The commerce industry is evolving and by using PrimePay’s credit card processing services, you’re moving right along with the change.

    Have you heard of Apple Pay? PrimePay has it. Apple Pay uses chip technology and unique security features built right into the iPhone 6.Thanks to PrimePay’s relationship with First Data, you can bring Apple Pay to your business.

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