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Payroll Services

How "SaaS" Technology Can Improve Your Payroll Processing

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"SaaS" is an acronym that refers to "Software as a Service." This technology is used to process payroll using nothing more than a web browser whether on a PC, a tablet or -- with some payroll companies -- even a smart phone.

Payroll companies have evolved over the years, giving you unmatched flexibility and ease of use today. Early on, mainframe computers processed payroll. Unless you were connected with a terminal, you had to call in payroll information by phone or fax. With the advent of personal computers, payroll processing moved to a model where the PC was loaded with software that communicated with a mainframe via modem. This simplified the entry of data, but also raised issues of maintenance and support for the PC user.

Benefits of the SaaS payroll processing

Entering payroll data is quick and easy. Payroll companies assign one of their staff to train you, ensuring the initial setup runs smoothly.

Some allow individual employees to view their own electronic pay stubs and other information securely on demand. Virtually all payroll service companies using this technology give you tools to preview your payroll, make corrections and "proof" your work before you submit it.

Depending upon the company you choose, you may also have access to additional features:

Employee Payroll

Costs of Saas payroll processing plans

Wave Payroll offers direct deposit as well as paper checks. Employers can enable employee self-service. It does have mobile app capabilities and costs $5 month base plus $4 per employee.

SurePayroll is very economical for a small business owner. If the business has 10 employees on a biweekly payroll the cost is just $98.90 per month. It covers all 50 states plus set-up is assisted. They also submit the tax forms and initiates payment.

PayChoice Self Service is good for the DIY employer. It offers all the payroll basics including direct deposit, employee access to paystubs and W-2's, and calculations for voluntary deductions. It initiates monthly tax filings. The cost for an employer with up to nine employees is #49.95.

SimplePayroll says what it does and does what it says - nothing more and nothing less. The basic service includes direct deposit as well as paper checks, federal and state e-filing and payments, and W-2 forms. The fee is simple - $5 per employee plus $3 for each paper check.

While there are many important questions to consider when shopping around for your SaaS payroll services, it will no doubt revolutionize your business efficiency.

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