Choosing the Best Doosan Forklift for Your Hauling Needs

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Officially, seven classes of forklifts are recognized in the United States, but Doosan prefers to make the selection easier. When picking out a Doosan forklift, there are three basic choices: engine, electric, and warehouse. These categories help business owners make quick buying decisions based on what they plan to use a forklift to do, how often they need to use it, and how big an investment they plan to make.

Doosan Forklift

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Within these categories, they offer more than 100 models, ranging from manual hand pallet trucks and electric walkies (or walk behind trucks) to energy-efficient sit-down forklifts and heavy-duty internal combustion lifts.

IC engine forklifts

The internal combustion forklift category, as one might expect, runs on powerful engines. Specifically, they are LPG engines that use liquefied petroleum for much lower emissions than traditional gas motors. Current models are divided by the following weight categories in terms of their rated capacities for weight and size:

These forklifts have an extra boost of power for heavier loads, and include several features designed to deal with the weight, such as oil-cooled disc brakes and an operator-sensing feature that automatically detects if an operator is in the vehicle.

While the engine forklift lines do sport low emissions, they should not be used in enclosed, indoor areas where fumes cannot be safely vented. These forklifts operate better in outdoor lots or in open warehouses where there is plenty of airflow. Companies that have heavy, no-nonsense loads to carry over longer distances should consider these models.

Electric forklifts

The electric forklifts are lighter, more environmentally friendly versions of the engine lifts. These Doosan forklifts come equipped with AC-powered engines and an "intelligent instrument control panel." The electrical engines also come with anti-roll-back and active-control technology for sharper, more controlled movement.

Current models are divided by the following weight categories in terms of their rated capacities for weight and size:

Electrical motors produce no fumes, so these forklifts are an excellent option for warehouse and storage room hauling where employees work in enclosed spaces. However, the electric vehicles may lack the power of the gas versions, so they perform better with lighter loads that need to be transported quickly, but for only short distances.

Warehouse forklifts

Warehouse forklifts are in a category of their own because of their smaller size and advanced stacking abilities. These simple, highly mobile vehicles are designed to haul pallets and stack products swiftly. They primarily rely on electrical batteries for power. The company offers warehouse stackers, pickers, and pallet trucks, based on the required specialty.

The Doosan forklift warehouse models work best in tight spaces where large volumes of merchandise must be shifted swiftly. They cannot handle the same heavy loads the first two options do, but for warehouse-oriented companies that move and stock many products on a daily basis, these vehicles are an ideal solution.

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