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Real-world Forklift Prices From Other BuyerZone Users

Interested in the prices BuyerZone users have paid for forklifts? We've collected their comments what they've paid for both new and used forklifts.

Deciding to Purchase or Lease a Forklift

Whether to lease or buy your next forklift is a decision that can affect your profitability and cash flow. Read on to take a closer look at your options!

Exploring Fuel Cell Forklifts

Fuel cell forklifts are an alternative to battery-powered and combustion engine lifts. This article explores the technology and its benefits/disadvantages.

Types of Forklifts - A Review

An introduction to four of the most common forklift types.

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10 Important Questions to Ask a Hyundai Forklift Dealer

Buying a Hyundai forklift is no small feat. Not only are you investing a significant amount of money in industrial machinery, but you want to make sure that you are buying a quality product that will last and promote productivity and safety on your jobsite.

A Field Guide to Forklifts

Overwhelmed by all the choices when it comes to buying lift trucks? Our guide to the various types of equipment will help you cut the confusion.

Bobcat Forklifts Live Up to Their Reputation

Not only is Bobcat the largest manufacturer of forklifts in North Dakota, but they are a leading provider of global construction machinery for landscaping, agriculture, government, rental, utility, grounds maintenance, and industrial purposes.

Buying a Hyster Forklift - What To Know

This article is a buyer's guide for used Hyster forklifts. It lists the questions you should ask before making a purchase.

Choosing the Best Doosan Forklift for Your Hauling Needs

Doosan Industrial Vehicle has been in business for more than 40 years manufacturing high-quality industrial equipment.

Electric Forklifts: Clean and Quiet For Indoor Use

For indoor use and the lowest total operating costs, electric forklifts are the best choice for heavy lifting.

Finding the Best Forklift Companies

To locate the best forklift dealers, start by submitting a free request for quotes through BuyerZone or by performing your own online research.

Finding the Right Drexel Forklift for Your Workplace

A Drexel forklift can tackle virtually any workplace demand. Here are the latest models available.

First Complete Forklift Simulator Could Reduce Workplace Injuries

For the first time ever, companies are able to purchase a forklift simulator that could eventually decrease forklift-related accidents and fatalities.

Forklfit Attachments Add Additional Functions

Forklift handling of pallet and pallet less loads requires different attachments. Here are the details of the various types and how they can reduce costs and improve handling efficiencies.

Forklift Buying Tips from Other BuyerZone Users

Sometimes, the best way to learn about the purchases you need to make for your business is from other people going through the same process. Here are tips submitted by forklift buyers.

Forklift Safety is Serious Business

Proper forklift-safety training will make your warehouse a safer place to work-and keep you in compliance with the law.

Forklift Side Loaders Are the Big Boys

Side loaders are designed for lifting and moving items that are longer, instead of the wider loads carried and lifted by more recognizable types of forklifts. They come in a variety of different capacities and types: sit-down or stand-up, diesel, electric, or propane-powered. Lift capacities range from 1,000-pound units all the way up to ten-ton units. When you need a side loader, you need to decide between renting or buying. When you choose to buy, you've got a choice between new or used.

Forklift Trends & Insights

Forklift buying trends according to BuyerZone users - presented as an infographic.

Internal Combustion (IC) Forklifts

For outdoor use and ease of refueling, IC forklifts are the way to go.

JLG Telehandler Models, Specs and Features

The Lull forklift is manufactured by JLG industries Incorporated, a top manufacturer of industrial equipment, like telehandlers and aerial work platforms. Lull is a popular telescopic forklift brand, available in 9 models for sale.

Pallet Jacks and Your Business

If a forklift price tag and associated training isn't a plan for your business than pallet jacks are a viable option. Anyone can use you and you'll save money on the bottom line cost.

Purchasing a Diesel Forklift

Finding a diesel forklift at a fair price can be a daunting task. Our buyer's guide will help you make the right choice.

Rough Terrain Forklift - Power and Versatility

Outdoors over uneven ground, internal combustion-powered rough terrain forklifts provide the power to get the job done.

Save Space With Narrow Aisle Forklifts

When space is an issue, narrow aisle forklifts are available to work in spaces as small as 6' wide.

Selecting an Electric Order Picker

By lifting the operator to where the inventory is stored, order pickers make it easy to pull one item off of a pallet.

Selecting the Right Forklift Tire: Pneumatic or Cushion?

Choosing the right type of forklift tire can make a significant difference when it comes to performance, efficiency, and safety.

Seven Important Considerations When Shopping for a Used Forklift

A well-maintained forklift can last for thousands of hours of use, so buying used forklifts can be a great way to save money.

The Advantages of Skytrak Forklifts

A Skytrak forklift is available in various models and sizes, ranging in price from as little as $13,500 for a used four-wheel-drive model with 5100 hours to $70,000 for a newer four-wheel-drive model with only five hours of use.

The Benefits of AC-Powered Electric Lift Trucks

Warehouses and indoor settings are perfect for electric lift trucks. There are a number of AC models available that your business could be taking advantage of. We've outlined the benefits costs.

The Best Stacker Forklifts

A stacker forklift is also called a walkie stacker forklift. It’s normally electrically powered and provides an economical solution for transferring and stacking heavy materials, as well as loading and unloading trailers, over a short distance.

The Pros and Cons of Walk Behind Forklifts

Walk behind forklifts allow employees more freedom of movement while transporting large loads. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of fork lifts.

Tips for the Forklift Sales Process

An overview of the forklift sales process, from demonstration to financing.

Toyota Forklifts Basic Features and Model Range

The high efficiency, safety features, and unsurpassed performance of Toyota's wide range of forklifts have made Toyota the number one worldwide supplier of lift trucks since 2002.

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