10 Important Questions to Ask a Hyundai Forklift Dealer

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Buying a Hyundai forklift is no small feat. Not only are you investing a significant amount of money in industrial machinery, but you want to make sure that you are buying a quality product that will last and promote productivity and safety on your jobsite.

A time-tested brand

With a focus on operator comfort, Hyundai has long been a trusted name on jobsites throughout the world. They currently produce a wide range of powerful lifts including:

Basic models start in the neighborhood of $9,000 to $30,000 for a 3.5-ton lift capacity. Standard midrange models, featuring an 8-ton lift capacity, retail for $25,000 to $40,000. And top-tier models (rated for 35,000 lbs and above) cost between $75,000 and $134,000.

What do users think of Hyundai?

Current Hyundai forklifts are credited for their maintenance-free wet brake system which is considered by reviewers as "exemplary," containing all service and diagnostic tools within a single display. In addition, comfort continues to score high marks, with an ergonomic design throughout the product lines that incorporates an optional, fully-customizable fingertip system shown by users to noticeably 'ease fatigue and enhance productivity'.

Top 10 questions to ask about the Hyundai forklift you're considering

  1. What is the best forklift for my specific jobsite needs? Make sure that you have taken accurate weights and measurements of your typical load weight and height before meeting with a Hyundai forklift dealer. This will enable them to give you a more precise recommendation.
  2. Can I benefit from different forklift vehicles instead of purchasing multiple models of the same forklift?
  3. Is an electric or gas powered forklift a better choice for my jobsite? Will buying an electric forklift save me money?
  4. Is it a better deal to lease or buy a Hyundai forklift? This may be a question that you didn't consider right off the bat. But you do have an option to rent or lease forklifts over the long term, such as 12 months or longer. If you only temporarily need forklifts on your jobsite, consider leasing first.
  5. Is it a good idea to purchase used or refurbished? If you're interested in purchasing used to save money, ask the dealer how a used vehicle will perform in comparison to a new forklift of the same capacity. With age and hours worked, a drop in lift capacity and height can be expected for a used lift truck.
  6. Can I upgrade my existing equipment with new technology or attachments?
  7. What is the total cost I can expect to pay for a forklift? As with any other large purchase, there are a number of fees that will be added on to your total forklift sale, like travel and delivery costs, labor rates, fuel fees, and pricing for parts, supplies, and maintenance. Ask to receive a complete price quote that includes all extra fees before purchasing.
  8. What will the average cost of maintenance be on my forklift? Understanding the average cost of maintenance for the future will help you better budget the purchase of new machinery.
  9. How long is the warranty on my vehicle? Hyundai provides one of the longest forklift warranties at three years and 4000 hours. Make sure that you understand all warranty terms before purchasing.
  10. Where can I buy replacement parts? In many cases, it's best to get replacement parts through an authorized dealer to ensure that they are compatible with your machinery. After you understand the terms of your warranty, you can better determine if you will need to pay for replacement parts out of pocket, or if they will be covered under warranty.
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