Types of Forklifts - A Review

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Choosing a forklift for a specialized application can be difficult if you're not familiar with the basic types. So we've put together these articles to introduce you to some of the most common forklift subcategories.

There are two basic types of forklifts to choose from:

  1. Electric Forklifts - For indoor use and the lowest total operating cost, electric forklifts are the best choice for heavy lifting inside warehouses, manufacturing applications, and other indoor uses. Producing zero emissions, they also have a lower cost per hour of operation than any of the internal combustion (IC) models. Just how low? Find out here.
  2. Internal Combustion (IC) Forklifts - For outdoor use and ease of refueling, IC forklifts are the way to go. They're the most common choice because they can be safely used in the rain. Plus, only IC forklifts are capable of handling the largest loads, up to and exceeding 15,000 lbs. But in addition to their T-Rex size and capacity, they also offer another huge time saving benefit. We'll give you a hint: it has to do with refueling. Learn more here.

For certain applications, you may want to investigate one of these specialized forklifts, as well:

For a more complete look at lift trucks, read our Forklift Buyer's Guide.

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