Save Space With Narrow Aisle Forklifts

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Narrow aisle forklifts are essential to modern warehousing operations. By allowing aisle widths as narrow as 6 feet, they greatly increase the number of aisles that can fit in a given warehouse, and that in turn increases warehouse capacity.

Standard lift trucks need aisles that are 11' wide or larger to be able to operate and turn around. Narrow aisle forklifts (NA) are capable of operating in aisles 8' to 10' wide; and very narrow aisle forklifts (VNAs) can work in aisles as little as 6' wide. Note that "narrow aisle forklift" and "very narrow aisle forklift" are industry-standard terms, not just descriptions.

The key aspect of narrow aisle forklifts is that their forks are turned at a right angle to the body of the truck. This allows them to drive straight down the aisle but pick up loads to the side. By eliminating the need to have the truck face the shelves, they greatly reduce their space requirements.

Narrow aisle forklift specifications

Maximum Available Capacity Typically 5,000 to 10,000 lbs.
Power Source Electric or Propane
Tires Cushion
Best Used Indoors
Typical Applications Warehousing / Manufacturing
Advantages Reduced Space Requirements

Since they often operate with little margin for error, very narrow aisle forklifts are available with guidance systems. Optical or wire guidance systems that run the length of the aisle keep the forklift on a consistently straight path, allowing the operator to focus on picking and placing loads.

Narrow aisle forklifts are almost all electric powered, since they're used indoors, although some propane-powered models are available. They also feature cushion tires - smooth, solid rubber tires that are best for paved surfaces and concrete floors.

Other valuable add-ons for narrow aisle forklifts:

The prices of narrow aisle forklifts vary depending on height restrictions, weight restrictions and fuel type, just to name a few. Used models go for as little as $5,000 while top stack reachers can cost as much as $41,000. Like any other piece of equipment, knowing what you need it to do will help you determine the fit for your operation and your budget.

Essential features and safety precautions for implementing aisle forklifts

Busy warehouse operations require smart, safe solutions. Knowing the type of forklift that's right for your workplace is the duty of every manager and owner. Once you know which machine fits your space, make sure that every safety precaution is in place and that employees are trained to operate them properly.

Here is some helpful information about the safety procedures and features you'll need when implementing forklifts for narrow aisles.

Lifts that can maneuver through narrow aisles and stand up to daily tests are valuable tools for your business. When you get machines with top safety and performance features, everyone in the company wins. Ready to talk to narrow aisle forklift dealers near you? BuyerZone will connect you with the right suppliers - it's free and takes just minutes.

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