Bobcat Forklifts Live Up to Their Reputation

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As a work-saver, Bobcat forklifts have a real edge, making an operator's work efficient and nearly effortless. After more than five decades of innovation and quality workmanship, Bobcat machines are known industry-wide for their rugged durability, time-tested reliability, and agility.

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The Bobcat advantage

Bobcat Co. literally pioneered compact equipment production after it launched its first compact loader in 1958. What followed was a series of patented engineering innovations. As evidenced by the company's many awards through the years, Bobcat forklifts have enhanced loader experience with the following features:

Choosing the right forklift

Forklifts are utility tools that have various uses in fields such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, industrial ventures, landscaping, and many more. Choosing the right equipment comes down to looking for efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Matching the forklift to a specific project is key to maximizing performance. For big construction projects, for instance, bigger forklifts may be best, while smaller machines may be just right in more confined work spaces, such as warehouses.

This syncs with user reviews that frequently report Bobcat machines as "capable of loading semis with a relatively small machine while being kind to turf." At the same time, while operator comfort and the machine's agility have also been singled out as impressive, the travel speed could "be quicker" for some users and the cab's interior can be too "light duty and fragile" for some applications.

Getting the most out of the machine

Moving, pushing, and lifting heavy loads with a Bobcat forklift is a whole new experience. You get value for your money by implementing best practices in operation and maintenance while enhancing the machine's efficiency and preserving its lifespan. Following the manufacturer's recommended operation and preventive guidelines can reduce unnecessary repairs, thus minimizing costs.

Operator training is another important element for increasing efficiency and productivity. Forklift owners need to know how operators deal with their forklifts so that efficient practices are taught to new operators.

Popular models and prices

Bobcat forklifts, especially telescopic forklifts or "telehandlers," are frequently found in use within agricultural settings, though not exclusively. Examples include the Bobcat T2250, built with a low, sturdy body and large tractor tires for navigating rough terrain, and the V518, similarly designed for agricultural use with a "dune-buggy" cabin and industrial tractor tires. Created for heavy-duty use, both models are diesel. Expect to pay anywhere from $23,000 to $46,000 and above for like-new to new lifts.

Other popular Bobcat machines include the T35, V417, V518, V623, and V723.

The best is always better, and that's the Bobcat forklift promise. Whether you're planning to buy or rent, Bobcat is a global provider of forklifts and other compact machines, and it boasts a worldwide distribution network of thousands of independent dealers and sales specialists.

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