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Office Trailers

Real-world Office Trailer Prices from BuyerZone Buyers

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Most businesses rent or lease office trailers for a period of time because it's much less expensive than purchasing outright. Renting is typically for short periods of time (month to month) and either side can walk away at any time. Leasing is usually a longer-term agreement (6 to 12 months or longer) that locks in rates and terms for the duration of the lease.

The amount you'll pay is based on the size of the trailer, how long you keep it, and the add-ons you request, and will require additional fees for delivery, installation, and pickup. You'll also pay for blocking and leveling, skirting (hiding the wheels), and connecting to electricity or sewers.

If you need an office trailer for several years, it may be worth buying one. New trailers cost tens of thousands of dollars, but you'll spend less than you would with rental or leasing fees during that time. To save money, you can look into quality used trailers that offer the same features and customization for a much lower price.

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Office trailer rental rates

Office trailer pricing

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