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Office Trailers

Real-world Office Trailer Costs from BuyerZone Buyers

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Inside Office Trailer

When it comes to an office for your business you want to get it right, and at the right price. We've reached out to our users and summarized what the purchased and how much they paid for their office trailers. Find out if a similar trailer would work for your business.

The vast majority of office trailers are leased, not sold, and the pricing data we collected reflects that. Lease costs vary considerably based on several factors. The most important is size: of course you'll pay more for a 60' x 24' double wide than you would for a 30' x 12' trailer.

The add-ons you choose will also impact the price. While most trailers come with basic furniture built-in, extras like air conditioning or bathrooms will increase your costs. Of course, a trailer used mainly for storage doesn't need those extras - be sure to consider the use of the trailer before choosing a top of the line model.

Installation charges are a huge component of the total costs of leasing office trailers. You'll be hit with delivery charges twice - once for delivery, and again for pickup. Other charges include blocking and leveling, skirting (to hide the wheels), and hooking up electricity or sewer connections.

Mobile office trailer lease pricing

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Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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