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Office Trailers

Choosing Temporary Office Space

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Renting space in an office building is fine if you're going to be there for a few years. But what if you only need a place to do business for a few months at a time? An office trailer can provide adequate and affordable temporary office space for construction businesses, government workers, loading dock personnel, or any business working on short-term projects.

Here's a quick rundown on their biggest benefits and a quick, easy checklist to help you select the best one for your operation.

Office trailer benefits

You've likely seen office trailers before. Drive by any construction site or auto dealership and you'll spot large box-like structures with doors, windows, and signage. These temporary office spaces have all the accommodations you'll find in a permanent office - from electricity and plumbing to carpeting and furnishings - without the need for permanent construction.

They're popular for a wide range of cost-saving benefits that include:

Temporary office space considerations

When choosing an office trailer to provide temporary office space, you need to make sure it fits all of your needs. It must be comfortable with enough room to work and move around in, but also include features critical to your business. Here are five questions you should ask yourself about how you'll use an office trailer:

1. How much space do you need? Office trailer vendors offer many different sizes, but you need to have the land to support the size you want. Ordering a 12' x 60' office trailer when you only have enough room for a 10' x 30' could be a disaster. Take accurate measurements of the land that will host the office trailer, in addition to estimating how much space you'll need for the interior.

2. How many workers will work in it? The general rule of thumb is 100 to 150 sq feet of temporary office space for each worker. Make sure to account for sections of your trailer that you'll need for private office space, conference areas, and general storage.

3. What features are you looking for? You can equip your temporary office space with many of the conveniences and comfort of a standard office. Virtually all trailers have electricity, lighting fixtures, basic furniture, and climate control for air conditioning and heating. You can opt for a trailer that includes working bathrooms that connect to water and sewage lines, or basic chemical toilets. You can also protect your trailer after hours with heavy duty locks and bolts, or complete security systems featuring video cameras, motion sensors, and window contacts.

4. How long do you need it? Think about how long you'll need office trailers before buying one - there's no need to spend extra money on customized features if you only plan to use temporary office space for a few months. Typically, businesses that need office trailers for longer periods of time, like auto dealerships or construction sites, will seek larger, more feature-rich trailers.

5. What will I pay? Office trailers can cost $10,000 to $50,000 and more depending on the size, features, and other factors. Modular interior offices run between $6,700 and $8,000 for sizes that start around 8' x 8' and go to 12' x 16'. But the good news is most businesses rent their temporary office space, electing to pay a few hundred per month and return the trailer to the dealer at the end of term. Just keep in mind other expenses you'll be responsible for such as setup and removal, exterior and interior enhancements, and delivery.

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