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Portable Buildings - INACTIVE

Pros and Cons of Modular Office Buildings

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Modular office buildings

Modular office buildings are an economical way to add space for your business. They're factory-assembled with carpet, wiring, HVAC, and everything a modern office needs, making it easy to add comfortable, professional-looking offices to your business.

Benefits of modular office buildings

The primary reason many businesses choose modular office buildings is that they are less expensive than conventional buildings. Where you might pay $120 to $200 per square foot for site-built construction, modular office building pricing can range from $75 to $100 per square foot, including installation. Prices vary considerably based on the options you choose and your location, but modular construction is always cheaper.

Additional benefits include:

Efficient construction - Don’t start from scratch each time. With a modular office, you can boost your profitability by saving the time it would normally take to tear down and set up your office in a new location.

Easier on costly grounds - Unlike a “permanent” structure, there is no foundation or construction mess associated with the setup of a modular office. This is highly favorable for golf courses and other locations with expensive landscaping and grounds.

Consistency - Keeping the same office setup from job to job allows you to organize your tools, manuals, paperwork, licenses and other supplies only once – there’s no time-consuming reorganization required. You’re able to function at your peak with a setup that’s your own, no matter where your mobile office has been set down.

Cost-effective - This is a huge plus for your clients, saving them from having to build a modular office on their grounds or give up a section of their warehouse facility. Expect to pay anywhere from $24,000 for a large 40x60x18 model that’s designed for commercial and agricultural use, down to $6,400 for similar 30x40x15 models, and as low as $2,200 for a modular office building that measures 14x36x12.

Flexible - Durable, secure, and easily moved from one place to another, portable offices withstand the demands of extreme weather and other climatic conditions, often featuring design customizations that enable them to be geared for both temporary and permanent installations.

Guaranteed - Depending on the type, model, and vendor you select, expect anywhere from a 90-day limited warranty to a lifetime structural warranty.

Drawbacks of modular office buildings

The primary drawback of modular office buildings is the look and feel. While basic customization is easy, making a modular building look exactly as you want can drive your costs up to the point where it would make more sense to choose traditional construction.

Basic modular construction elements like the elevated entrance and somewhat shorter ceilings can make the buildings look less stylish. While there are certainly ways to address these design elements, doing so can increase your overall building costs.

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