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If your business relies on heavy bandwidth applications like web hosting, VoIP phone service, and video conferencing, having a dedicated Internet access connection is a must. Vendors can offer an always-on broadband connection, providing seamless communication and data exchange for all business sizes. This high-speed connection can be up to 30 times faster than dial-up, ensuring clearer signals, faster connections, and quicker downloads.

Looking for the fastest business-grade Internet access available?

A dedicated Internet service means having access to the full amount of bandwidth you pay for. Unlike other Internet solutions where you have to share a server with other users, you get an entire server exclusive to your business. The server can support hundreds of users at once, and quality varies based on the number of people online at the same time. A dedicated Internet service can also handle expected and unexpected increases in traffic.

For this reason, many dedicated Internet providers advertise business-grade connections at the "fastest speed possible." This is thanks to a dedicated port connection with speeds ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 100Gbps, customizable to different bandwidth, data, and speed needs per business.

Yes, you can select the amount of dedicated Internet access bandwidth you want and can adjust that amount based on need and budget. A vendor can even permit you to use more bandwidth than you're allotted using a burstable T1 line. This means you have access to additional bandwidth but only pay for what you use.

Business dedicated Internet access features

The catch is that a number of top providers may advertise the fastest business-class dedicated Internet access available, so how do you make a final decision in the service you choose?

Reliability is an important factor in choosing a dedicated Internet access connection. With service level agreements (SLA), vendors guarantee your connection will be available 99.99% of time over the course of a year. An SLA protects your company from excessive downtime that could negatively impact your business. Vendors also provide 24x7x365 monitoring of your connection to locate potential problems before they happen.

Ideal SLA standards may include:

Other attractive business-grade dedicated Internet features may include:

Pricing considerations for dedicated Internet service

When shopping for a dedicated Internet service provider, you must consider the various fees. In addition to standard monthly costs, you may also have to pay one-time setup fees, local loop equipment and usage charges, and optional firewalls. Vendors may require a service contract of one to three years.

Nationwide T1 dedicated Internet service prices are advertised starting at $249 per month, ideal for small offices and multi-location enterprises alike. Although the fees listed above may apply, many dedicated Internet packages include free installation, free equipment, and free firewall protection with a potential 30 day trial before signing up for service.

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