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Internet Access

Real-world T1 and DSL Internet Pricing

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The two main varieties of Internet access for business are DSL and T1. DSL is less expensive, but can be less reliable and isn't as fast. T1 lines are usually backed by iron-clad uptime guarantees and can support many simultaneous users - but you'll pay for these advantages.

If you choose DSL, make sure the provider is offering sDSL - symmetrical DSL. This is much more suitable for businesses that need to upload data than the consumer-focused aDSL (asymmetrical DSL), which drastically limits upload speeds.

Any type of Internet service can carry an installation fee to get started, but at the high prices of T1 service you'll find many providers willing to waive the installation fee to get you to sign a contract. Don't wait for them to offer - ask when negotiating your fees. Other providers may throw in routers, long distance or local phone service, and other extras.

In order to give you an idea of what range of price quotes you can expect to receive, we surveyed recent users and collected their responses below:

T1 prices

DSL prices

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