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IN-700 Desktop Mailing System

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Neopost logo IN-700 Desktop Mailing System

When it comes to meeting your most demanding mailing needs, nothing delivers like the Neopost IN-700 Series. As part of the latest generation of mailing systems, the IN-700 has a sleek and modern design that depicts clean lines, bold edges and aluminum accents, while maintaining the Neopost commitment to build and ship products in the most ecological manner. Coupled with the Neopost iMeter™ postage meter and a suite of Apps, the capabilities of the 700 Series exceed those of a traditional mailing system. In fact, the 700 Series easily integrates with Neopost's Enhanced Mailing and Shipping (EMS) software for total control of postage and shipping activities and costs. With an iMeter™ postage meter and Apps, fresh eco-design and integration to enhanced mailing and shipping software, it is clear the IN-700 Series is the powerful choice for optimizing mail center management today and in the future.

Processing speed 140 LPM (Letters Per Minute) / 75 LPM with Dynamic Scale
Security Multi-level User Access Security System
Job Imprint Memories 9
Imprint Customization 8 standard, 2 open advertising slogans; QR Codes 10 custom personalized text messages Automatically printed mail class
Account Reporting and Control 30 departments standard, 100 department upgrade (optional) 300 department upgrade (optional) 500 department upgrade (optional)
iMeter™ Apps Postal Rates App
Commercial Rates App
Online Postal Expense Manager™ App
Neopost MAS App
E-Services App
E-Services with Electronic Return Receipt App
neoFunds™ App
Size 50"L x 18"D x 13"H
67"L x 18"D x 13"H w/ Dynamic Scale
Envelope Specs Dimensions:
Minimum:      3.5" x 5"
Maximum:     10" x 13"
Thickness:     Up to 5/8"
Orientation:    Portrait or landscape

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