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Postage Meters

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Pitney Bowes Mailing Systems is the world leader in helping customers manage their messages through advanced mailing solutions. These systems serve the needs of businesses of all sizes - from the smallest office to Fortune 500 companies. There are many benefits to having a postage meter at home or in a small business or Fortune 500 office. Pitney Bowes postage meters will help:

Having a postage meter on site enables better management of mailing costs. It also provides enhanced marking visibility as company logos or QR codes can be printed on the mail.

Postage meters work best for businesses under the following conditions:

Most mailing is done from a central mail room. This allows staff to access the meter and get maximum benefit of improved productivity and cost avoidance.

The business regularly sends high volumes of mail. Fifty dollars a month is a good starting point. If you spend that or more in a month, a postage meter will save money and time spent in making trips to the post office.

The office sends many different types of mail. Pitney Bowes postage meters come with a built-in scale. This allows you to weigh packages, heavy envelopes and more to ensure you are putting on the exact amount of postage necessary.

Pitney Bowes has three models from which to choose, giving businesses to maximize their dollars and effectiveness.

Mailstation2 Digital Mailing System. The base system, it is recommended for lower volume, all-purpose business mails of up to 100 pieces per month. Its manual feed is capable of 18 letters per minute. Scale capacity is two to five pounds. Monthly postage spend is approximately $50-100.

DM125 Postage Meter. The medium range model is recommended for higher volume business mail of up to 1000 pieces per month and has a speed of 35 letters per minute. The scale weighs packages of 2 -10 pounds and has semi-automatic feed. Monthly postage spend is approximately $100-150.

DM200 Digital Mailing System. Keep up a steady mailing pace with this meter. The semi-automatic feed helps with higher volume business mail of up to 1000 pieces per month. The scale has a standard weight up to ten pounds and it can process 40 letters per minute. Monthly postage spend is $150-300.

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