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Postage Meters

DM100™ Desktop Mailing System

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Pitney Bowes logo The DM100™ Digital Mailing System

DM100™ Desktop Mailing System Overview

Professional, automated mail handling with the Pitney Bowes DM100® Digital Mailing System keeps your small business running smoothly and efficiently.

The DM100® Digital Mailing System supports all your mailing needs. With a semi-automatic letter feed, built-in scale, and fast print speed, it's flexible enough for large volume mailings, yet perfect for the smaller ones. And you can track postage expenses for different accounts!

This fully loaded digital mailing system, is uniquely positioned to help you reach and manage a diverse customer base. The DM100®'s higher mailing capacity assures the very best mail handling performance for the most demanding small business - yours.

Benefits of DM100® Digital Mailing System

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