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Postage Meters

The DM1100™ Digital Mailing System

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Pitney Bowes logo The DM1100™ Digital Mailing System

This high volume, versatile mailing system for our highest volume mailers can automatically feed, seal, imprint postage and stack uniform mail at speeds of up to 295 letters per minute. The DM1100TM handles mail ranging in size from post cards to 13" x 15" flats and up to 3/4" thick. This maximizes operator productivity by minimizing the need to sort mail by size. Patented Weigh-on-the-WayTMtechnology (WOW) with Shape Based Rating enables processing of mixed weight and size material in a single operation.

The DM1110TM's WOW has the flexibility to process mail pieces up to 16 oz. in weight and 12" x 15" in size automatically - intermixed in a single stream. Our patented technology measures and weighs each mail piece to ensure the proper postage is applied at speeds up to 145 letters per minute.

Open and closed flap sealing minimizes sorting based on its ability to handle mixed envelope flap configurations including combinations of closed flap, open flap and pre-sealed flap. Advanced Detection Sensors located throughout the feeding and transport path enhance the processing of difficult materials like postcards or "dark mail", and they detect oversize mail and add the proper surcharge.

The DM1100TM Mailing System comes with IntelliLink® technology. The easy-to-use IntelliLink® Command Center is your single source to exclusive mail services. The easy-to-use IntelliLink® Command Center is your central source for exclusive mail services and allows you to:

DM1100 Mailing System Benefits:

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