Postage Meters

Postage Meters

The DM525™ Digital Mailing System

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Pitney Bowes logo The DM525™ Digital Mailing System

The DM525T is a smart, fast, and reliable production system, designed with multiple options and efficient features that will automatically feed, seal and imprint postage at speeds up to 150 letters per minute. Our patented Weigh-on-the-Way in-line weighing with Shape Based Rating maximizes efficiency by processing mixed weight material up to 16 oz. The length, width and thickness are also verified to ensure the proper rate is calculated. The mail piece is imprinted with the correct postage at speeds up to 65 letters per minute. This provides in-line weighing and eliminates sorting pieces by weight prior to feeding them through the system.

The DM525's self-aligning feed system ensures that envelopes are fed straighter to protect the contents and ensure precise postage imprinting. Thickness and size adjustments are minimized by the DM525's ability to process various sized envelopes - up to 5/8" thick with sizes ranging from post cards to 10" x 13" flats.

The DM525T Digital Mailing System comes with the easy-to-use IntelliLink® Command Center that lets you easily activate and control all the functions of your DM525T from a single, central location.

DM525 Mailing System Benefits:

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