Postage Meters

Postage Meters

The DM300™ Digital Mailing System

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Pitney Bowes logo The DM300™ Digital Mailing System

Increase the speed, ease and productivity of mail processing.

The DM300™ is a compact, quietly efficient, semi-automatic system that processes mail at speeds of up to 65 pieces per minute. The system comes with access to USPS Confirmation Services through our exclusive IntelliLink® technology.

DM300™ Digital Mailing System Overview

The DM300™ puts fast and accurate mail processing capability into a space-saving footprint. The semi-automatic feed and integrated weighing platform, let you process mail of various sizes, from postcards to parcels - at speeds of up to 65 pieces per minute. This system gives your mail a professional look with crisp, clean inkjet printing technology. The DM300™ also gives you the ability to track and report postage expenses for 50 accounts, expandable to 300 accounts.

The DM300™ Mailing System comes with IntelliLink® technology, your digital gateway to exclusive Pitney Bowes mail services such as Confirmation Services:

DM300™ Digital Mailing System Features

The DM300™ Mailing System has features and functionality that will make processing your mail faster and easier.

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