Postage Meters

Postage Meters

The DM400™ Digital Mailing System

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Pitney Bowes logo The DM400™ Digital Mailing System

Bring efficiency to your office with automatic-feeding functionality.

Processing mail at speeds of up to 95 pieces per minute, the DM400™ combines streamlined performance, solid design and easy operation, making it the perfect choice for multi-user environments.

DM400™ Digital Mailing System Overview

The DM400™ is simple to understand and user-friendly, with dedicated, labeled keys for faster processing. The system automatically feeds up to a 3" stack of mail, seals and applies postage at up to 95 pieces per minute. You can process mail of various sizes, from postcards to 11" x 13" envelopes using the automatic tape dispenser for processing of larger packages. The DM400™ gives your mail a professional look with crisp, clear inkjet printing technology. This system also provides the ability to track and report postage expenses for 50 accounts with expandability up to 300 accounts. Postage accounting data can be printed or exported to a PC. The DM400™ can protect your postage with Password Protection, as well as provide a low postage warning that ensures you never run out of postage unexpectedly. Postage refills are available 24 hours a day with our Postage by Phone™  system. The Auto Dating feature sets the current date so you don't have to, or get a jump start on tomorrow's mail by date advancing. The removable brush-and-wick sealing system ensures tip-to-tip sealing to protect the contents of your mail. Optional weighing platforms interface to the DM400™ Mailing System to ensure the correct postage. This system can give you additional functionality with the date-and time stamp capability for incoming mail. 

The DM400™ Mailing System comes with IntelliLink® technology, your digital gateway to USPS Confirmation Services and our exclusive "My Account" services. Track and confirm deliveries online on My Account, and receive email notifications when the packages are delivered. Services that can be accessed through the IntelliLink® Control Center include:

DM400™ Digital Mailing System Features

The DM400TM Mailing System's features and functionality make processing your mail faster and easier.

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