Postage Meters

Postage Meters

The Benefits of a Meter Machine Compared to Online Postage

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Both traditional meter machines and online postage companies can save you time and money on mailing costs, but each has their own set of benefits and limitations. Both options are better solutions than using standard mailing procedures for any business that sends larger quantities of mail, and they give a company the option to use an in-house method to adhere postage at a reduced cost.

Postage Meter Mark

However, there are distinct differences that may make using a meter machine a better mail system for many businesses.

Advantages of a meter over online postage

Similarities between the two uses

Both online methods and meter machines are similar in some of the benefits they provide:

Although both mail systems offer many benefits over buying postage at a retail establishment, for many businesses a meter machine will offer larger, long-term savings in both time and money. It is worth taking the time to compare the differences between the two and take into consideration the additional amenities that a meter machine can offer.

What are the costs to consider?

A small postage meter can cost $24.99 a month to rent. Then you have other costs such as reset fees, ink costs, and some meter rentals can charge up to $10 a month for rental of the scale. On the conservative side you could be spending a minimum of $50 a month for a meter. On the other hand a software company like rents their program for $15.99 per month. Sometimes you can catch them with a promotional special that includes a free scale.

Now it is up to you to decide if the advantages of a postage meter are worth an extra $34 a month.

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