CD DVD Replication

CD DVD Replication

CD duplications - Fast, Quality Copies for a Low Cost

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Looking to quickly produce hundreds of copies of your latest presentation on CD to hand out to employees? How about CDs with graphic-intensive promotional files that you can distribute at trade shows? While you could s-l-o-w-l-y burn copies one at a time on your PC, a CD duplication vendor can print hundreds of quality copies in just a few days.

How CD duplication works

Vendors use large machines with multiple shelves of CD and DVD burners to process CD duplications. They start by inserting the original disc into the machine, printing a master recording, and burning precise copies onto blank recordable discs using a laser process.

From there, the machine prints text and artwork that you provide (or that the vendor creates for you) direct to the CD's surface. Then, depending on whether you want basic or enhanced packaging for your CDs, the vendor can place each CD in a plain sleeve or in retail-ready jewel cases for a more professional appearance. After assembling and shrink-wrapping the discs, the vendor sends the media direct to your office or drop ships them to your customers.

With CD duplications, there are few set up costs so you can get the finished product right away, typically within 3 to 5 days of submitting. If you need to rush production, most vendors offer speedier delivery for an additional cost that can put the CDs in your hands within 24 hours. However, duplication projects typically require you to pay separately for each service including the actual duplication services, custom artwork for the discs and inserts, and assembly.

Complete CD duplications at a low cost

Since you have so many decisions to make for a CD duplication job, vendors can offer complete packages that feature everything you need from duplication to artwork and packaging for just a few hundred dollars.

A complete CD duplication package provides your business with an inexpensive option for testing the service. If you have an idea for duplicating a CD and want to see what the complete package will look like, a package deal lets you test the service and gauge the quality of the finished product without spending a lot of money. If you're happy with the results, you can then return to the vendor for larger, more elaborate duplication projects.

CD duplication limits

While an effective method for quickly processing hundreds of CD copies at once, CD duplication is typically reserved when you need 500 to 1,000 copies of a disc. Once you move beyond 1,000 copies, the CD duplication machines can no longer handle the workload. Instead, vendors use a replication process for larger quantities of discs.

With replication, a special machine produces a glass master of the original data which then stamps the information directly onto compact discs. It takes a while to produce the glass master, but once it's complete, a vendor can replicate discs faster than it takes for CD duplications. Replication is also initially more expensive but becomes more affordable as you increase volume.

Working with CD duplication vendors

Ready to produce several copies of that multimedia CD or your band's latest original recording? A reputable CD duplication vendor can help. To find the right vendor, either perform your own online research to find a company, or let BuyerZone match you to multiple suppliers with their free request for CD duplication services quotes. Once our suppliers walk you through your options, you can then compare customized price quotes and pick the best solution.

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