CD DVD Replication - INACTIVE

CD DVD Replication - INACTIVE

CD Pressing Can Quickly Mass Produce Your Data

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Making a handful of copies of your audio and data CDs using your computer's CD burner is already time-consuming. So imagine what it takes to produce 1,000, 10,000 or even 1,000,000 copies? Instead, give your PC a rest and investigate CD pressing services for creating mass quantities of your data.

Different businesses rely on CD pressing to create fast quality copies of their master recordings for sale, direct mail, or distribution. CD pressing vendors can use your ready-made artwork to print designs to your CDs and inserts, and create a professional-looking package. Once complete, the copies are ready to ship and distribute within 1 to 2 weeks.

CD pressing methods

CD pressing vendors typically offer two methods for copying CDs: duplication and replication. You'll get similar results with both methods, but two factors will impact which method you'll use:

  1. Quantity - Duplication is an efficient process, perfect for testing the quality of the CD pressing. Once you need more than 1,000 copies, the process can stress a CD duplicator and the job gets more expensive.

    Replication is much more efficient when you need thousands of copies. It costs more to set up, but allows you to create over one millions copies during a single print run. Also, the costs get more palatable as you increase volume.

  2. Process - CD duplication machines use a laser to quickly burn exact copies of a master recording onto blank recordable media.

    With replication, vendors create a glass master of your original recording which is then used to stamp the data directly onto discs. It takes longer and costs more to set up, but provides top quality recordings regardless of quantity.

Quality assurance is a big part of both CD pressing methods. Vendors use a computer analyzer to check for errors and ensure each copy is a bit-for-bit replication of the original. This level of testing gives you peace of mind that your first copy will be as reliable as your 50,000th.

Transferring data for CD processing

When you have audio, video, or data files ready for CD pressing, you can either upload the files directly to the vendor's web site, or mail them with detailed instructions. For larger files like complex spreadsheets or lengthy video clips, it's best to mail the data so you don't slow down your network.

You can also send your graphics and logos along with your master recording for after CD pressing. Vendors can use the artwork after replication to print to the finished CDs and inserts - just make sure it's in a format you can use. And if you don't have ready artwork, vendors can help create it to your specifications for an additional cost.

Once you're ready to press as many copies of your CD as you need, complete a quick and easy BuyerZone free request for CD pressing quotes. We'll match you up to as many as six different vendors who will review your copying needs, suggest the best features, and find you an affordable solution.

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