Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

To begin an email marketing campaign, you will need an opt-in email list and a reliable email marketing service. Email marketing software can also help to fill the gap, offering robust creation, sending and reporting capabilities to enable you to optimize your results.

Email Marketing Features

An email marketing service worth using, will offer solutions for the following areas.

Sending options

With so many email services in the market, finding one to manage your company's email marketing efforts can be simple. Be sure to choose a service that will enable you to not only create, format, and send emails, but also make sure those emails reach their intended recipients.


Robust reporting capabilities are crucial in your email marketing strategy. You will need to report and track the effectiveness of your efforts, in order to plan future campaigns. Basic mailing information, like how many emails were delivered and bounced back, can be derived and analyzed after each campaign. The total number of customers who requested to be unsubscribed, those who opened the email, and links that were clicked, can all be found in this report.

Emailing marketing services checklist


Email marketing service pricing will vary, depending on the services provided. A basic package can cost in the one hundred dollar range. A deluxe package, reaching a greater number of recipients and providing more information and design options, will cost closer to one thousand dollars. Compare prices and packages before choosing an email service for your company.

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