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Gift Cards

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When you decide to offer gift cards as part of your business model, the first step is to choose from the many gift card manufacturers. There are many services involved; designing, printing, creating, packaging, and shipping your gift cards. Be sure to choose the gift card distributors suits you best.

Comparing cards

Evaluating system requirements

When you compare gift card distributors, make sure to ask how the processing works. For instance, some manufacturers' gift and store value cards are designed to work with most modern POS software programs. This means that you won't have to purchase any new equipment for processing unless yours is terribly outdated.

Considering alternate services

There are many different types of gift cards. If you use a gift card carrier that also manufactures loyalty cards, key tags, and employee identification cards, for example, you're likely to have those additional services available to you for an added cost.

Designing cards

Choosing a gift card manufacturer who offers design services as well as manufacturing and delivery, can save your business time and money. This solution can also significantly lower the costs of initiating a gift card program.

Making the decision

While a larger quantity order will cost less, be sure you are satisfied with the quality and the service of the gift card manufacturer you have chosen, before making a big purchase. When you choose a manufacturer who can meet your current needs and appears to be able to handle growing with your business, your need for additional services in the future is a great possibility.

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